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Gaming Club Working Methods

Work using a PC
This method is the most common. The advantage of this method is the opening of your casino using the most affordable equipment that can be found in any store. For work online casino you need computers with the minimum requirements:
CPU: Intel Pentium 4, Pentium M, Core or Atom, AMD Athlon 64 or later. RAM: 2 GB. GPU: Integrated: Intel HD Graphics 4000 or AMD Radeon R5 series. Discrete: Any. OS: Windows 7 or later, Linux: Any distribution from 2014 or later. HDD / SSD: ~ 40 GB should be enough for a normal work. Network: Internet access is required minimum 1 mb/s
Such computers can be bought in the secondary market.
Work using terminals

This method is the most effective. The STARS slots system allows the use of any payment terminals independently of each other. The terminals can be equipped with a bill acceptor for accepting bills, dispensers for issuing bills, printers for printing a check. In this case, you can put the terminals with the online gambling system all in one place or distribute them separately in different places of your city. You will not have to be constantly with them, you can monitor the entire movement of funds through the administrative panel from your smartphone.
Work using information kiosks
This method attracts customers very well, but also one of the most expensive. You can use information kiosks for online casinos in the same way as ordinary computers. But here, your client does not need to use a mouse. To play in the interactive casino GlobalSlots or Stars you only need a finger. Also, such STARS club can be equipped with one payment terminal, which replaces the cashier. In this case,  the client needs to buy a check with the GlobalPay code in the payment terminal and enter it into any information kiosk to play in our slot machines or pocker. To collect the winnings, he just enters the code from the information kiosk back to the payment terminal.
Work using multiseats

This method is the safest. If it is not legal to have your own slot machines in your region, you can simply open an Internet cafe. Use our multiseat system in your place. The advantage is that there is no HDD in the personal computer, all information is stored on the computer’s RAM and when PC is turned off, all data simply disappears. Our system is fully adapted to the usual Internet cafe and only you know how to visit Stars or Global Slots online casino. And if there is an alarm, the cashier or the owner has a button to exit all unnecessary applications remotely.
Work using tablets and smartphones

This method is the simplest and least expensive. You just have a link to browser version of slot machines. You can buy tablets, distribute them to people, for example, in a billiard room. Or you give a link to friends in social networks for example, to play in smartphones. You will only need to decide how to add funds to their balance and claim their winnings. This can be done using a payment terminal or direct charging from your smartphone.
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